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Gym and Health Club Support

With over 30 years of successful operations in the leisure industry, 16 of which operating our own facilities, we use our expert knowledge, connections and experience to help businesses evaluate, identify and anticipate their business needs. We create detailed plans and provide support to increase your business performance and take your business to the next level.

Firstly it is important to recognise the Leisure Doctors have a wealth of knowledge and experience from personal experiences in the leisure industry. Once an organisations objectives are clearly identified we aim to tailor a package suitable to achieve and more importantly within the parameters of a budget. We work within the understanding of the leisure customer and are available for support 24/7.

The Fitness Audience

Grow your Gym, Helath Club and Leisure Facilities
of the population currently use leisure facilities and growing
Lesiure Industry Experts with over 30 years of experience
of population recognise the benefits of exercise but don’t attend a facility
Gym, Helath Club and Leisure Facilities
further have a disabilty which deters them from participating

Each of these market groups provides distinct potential opportunities for Leisure Doctors to support and develop a business.

All packages are bespoke to each organisation but as a guide we have introduced a Bronze, Silver and Gold package to accommodate business requirements. Not all businesses, or indeed individuals, need the same support therefore it is important to recognise from the outset the objectives of the organisation. The packages are based on a 12-month agreement working alongside management in order to allow progressive development.

Bronze Package


  • Initial Audit/Assessment
  • One onsite monthly meeting
  • Procurement support
  • Operational guidance assistance
  • Financial planning support

Silver Package


  • as Bronze
  • Fortnightly on-site meetings
  • Operational development plan
  • Marketing development
  • Human Resources review

Gold Package


  • Inc Silver
  • Fortnightly on-site Meetings
  • Marketing strategy
  • Financial Strategy
  • Human Resources development
  • Head office support package (7 days a week)

Health Club start up Package

Become a Health Club Operator

Starting a new gym or leisure center, expert advice on creating a fitness business
  • Premises finder
  • Business Plan
  • Investment support
  • Facility Design Support
  • Guidance regarding planning / licensing / fire regulations
  • Assistance with negotiation of lease
  • Provision of exercise equipment
  • Start up strategy
  • Recruitment assistance
  • Cashflow Analysis
  • Marketing Campaigns
  • Operational Systems

Once up and running, a continuing support programme is available which aims to promote your facility to the very best effect, with input of know-how by help-line and regular on-site review meetings, marketing and business development initiatives and general updates on the fitness sector.

Franchisee Support Package

Franchise Support, becoming a franchise and joining a franchise for gyms and leisure facilities
  • Bespoke short term plan
  • Operational assessment
  • Business Action Plan
  • Follow up audit

It is understood, even with some of the strongest brands in the world, an operator can experience periods of poor performance. We aim to create a swift relationship and plan that can be tailored to suit the individual operation for a short-term time.

The objective is to forge ahead – and stay there!